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January 2020: ERISA Alert
Immediate Risk for Distributions for Older Participants

December 2019: Annual Benefit Limits
Dollar Limitations for 2020

November 2018: Annual Benefit Limits
Dollar Limitations for 2019

October 2017: ERISA Newsletter
Dollar Limitations for 2018

April 2017: ERISA Newsletter
Form 5500 Season – A Few Considerations

March 2017: EPBS Newsletter
40th Year Anniversary of ERISA What is the Context?

February 2017: ERISA Newsletter
Uncertainty of Fiduciary Regulations Under the Trump Administration

November 2016: ERISA Newsletter
Dollar Limitations for 2017

September 2016: The Advocate, Article
Employee Benefit Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions
By John C. Hughes, Esq.

June 2016: Investopedia News Article
401(k) Lawsuits: How Employers Plan to Protect Themselves
(John Hughes quoted)

June 2016: Fiduciary News Article
QDIA Fiduciary Red Flags 401k Plan Sponsors Must Look Out For
(John Hughes quoted)

June 2016: ERISA Newsletter
Form 5500 Preparation 10 Quick Considerations

March 2016: EBPS Publication
Nobody Should Oppose the DOL’s Proposed Investment Fiduciary Regulations

March 2016: EBPS Attachment
Fiduciary Conflict Proposed Regulations

March 2016: ERISA Newsletter
Beyond Wall Street’s Myth – The Little Guy Will Be A-OK

February 2016: Fiduciary News Article
Will Increased 401k Fee Scrutiny Trump DOL’s New Fiduciary Rule?
(John Hughes quoted)

January 2016: ERISA Newsletter
Ten Retirement Plan Resolutions for Plan Sponsors

October 2015: ERISA Newsletter
Dollar Limitations for 2016

October 2015: ERISA Alert
The Flurry Associated With Form 5500 Filings Is A Good Thing

August 2015: ERISA Newsletter
Ten Investment Lessons for Trustees – Tibble v. Edison

April 2015: 'On Wall Street' Article
Is Your Rollover Business at Risk Under Fiduciary Plan?
(John Hughes quoted)

March 2015: ERISA Newsletter
The DC Plan Document Restatement Window is Open

January 2015: ERISA Newsletter
Legal Compliance Considerations for 2015

December 2014: ERISA Flash
ERISA Repealed: Replaced With Honor System

November 2014: ERISA Newsletter
Does Your Company EIN End With a “4” or a “9”?

October 2014: ERISA Newsletter
Dollar Limitations for 2015

October 2014: ERISA Alert
Employee Benefits, and Particularly Government Employers, Further Affected by Same Sex Developments

September 2014: ERISA Alert
September 22 Deadline – Have Your Business Associate Agreements Been Revised?

July 2014: ERISA Newsletter
Form 5500 Season Is Well Underway. Are You Prepared?

May 2014: ERISA Alert
Same Sex Marriage Rulings Require Action For All Employee Benefit Plans

May 2014: ERISA Newsletter
Fee Disclosure Concerns and New Guidance for Fiduciaries

March 2014: ERISA Newsletter
Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries: Are You Safe From USERRA Litigation?

January 2014: ERISA Newsletter
Important Legal Compliance Considerations and Questions for 2014

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